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Free Masterclass
Perimenopause Unveiled:

Debunking the Top 3 Myths for Midlife Women to Embrace Menopause with Confidence & Vitality

April 27, 2023  
7PM E.S.T.

Presented by Carol Trotter
Founder of The Hormone Breakthrough System

Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Hormone Expert, Carol Trotter will walk you through what is happening in your body during perimenopause, the most hormonally volatile time of your life that ends with menopause.  Carol will unpack 3 common misconceptions about perimenopause that may be making your symptoms worse!

She will leave you with valuable information so that you can start making changes that will restore your energy, your confidence, and control, positioning you to make menopause the best time of your life!

In this webinar you will learn


Deb P.

"Can't tell you how awesome it is to wake up without a headache or migrain.  I am so grateful.  Never thought I would ever see the day!"
Artist at Work

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